Drunken escapades on the slopes

Drunken escapades on the slopes

Can you think of anything more fun and exciting than a day club halfway up a snowy mountain?

There is such a club, it is called La Folie Douce. Zoë, Toby and I went to the one in Meribel. As piétons, we took the took the télécabine to the halfway point of the ski slopes and walked 50 metres to the club.

It was quite funny when we arrived because we had thought to picnic at the top before going in and drinking our cheap wine to get us started. But on arriving, there was really nowhere we could comfortably plant ourselves for a picnic in the snow, so we stood about 10 metres from the entry gate and munched down our baguette, salami et brie.

Thinking we were clever enough to get alcohol past the security guards, we left the wine in our bags. To our surprise, yes we were surprised, our bags were searched and the two bottles of cheap wine were confiscated.

Inside, the drinks were incredibly expensive. The €40 bottle of rosé was probably just a cheap cleanskin that they stuck their own label on. Though, in the end we bought four bottles of the stuff.

At altitude, I think the alcohol affects the body much more intensely. Well, this certainly was the case as we downed the four bottles in the space of an hour, in addition to the bucket of beers we started off with.

There was a raised terrace that overlooked a beautiful vista of the surrounding and facing mountains. All around us pure white. To be on the terrace, you probably had to buy a magnum or jeroboam of the exxy stuff – there were a few jeroboams of Dom Perignon (you could see from the label), GH Mumm, Moët et Chandon and Vodka, all delivered by fancy glass box on a conveyor/pulley system. Each time one of these massive bottles was delivered, a colourful flare and small fireworks would be let off.

There was a DJ, gogo dancers, live band and singers. The atmosphere was amazing.

We were told to make ourselves at home by one of the performers. They began dancing on the tables, so we followed suit.

Being piétons, we had to ensure that we caught the last télécabineback down the mountain, otherwise we would be stranded up there. The bouncers managed to notice us and were kind enough to tell us to leave- well, I think this is what happened, otherwise we probably got kicked out.

Sitting peacefully in the glass télécabine, everyone seemed fine. I sat across from the other two. The young man we were with all of a sudden lurched forward and purged his stomach all over the floor. This was the beginning of the end for all of us.
His mother picked us up, bless her. With us guys in the back, vomit bag at the ready we drove down the mountain with what felt like a winding rollercoaster speed.
Each hairpin would render our young companion’s stomach useless and cause rounds of vomiting. The smell was enough to render any normal person ill. Not even I was immune, eventually I shared the vomit bag with our companion and together we purged in perfect harmony. We couldn’t say much about the seething aromas though.

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  1. falkiner Alexandra // July 29, 2015 at 7:02 AM //

    OMG!! This is so funny; I laugh every single second

  2. Great memories, although I was so embarassed for the next week afterwards!

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