Day 24 – El Camino – O’Cebreiro to Triacastela

O’Cebreiro to Triacastela, already at 1300m altitude, we started the walk today above the clouds. The clouds covered the mountains in such a way that it appeared as though the mountains were floating islands in a sea of clouds.

~5 hours
2X water purification tablets; 1X anti-histamine tablet; camping cutlery
chilled morning; sunny but cool late morning; midday was super sunny and super hot; same all afternoon
– Albergue 8€

From O’Cebreiro it was a twenty one kilometre walk to Triacastela, with the otherside of the mountain to descend. The incline was steep and descended some 500-600m over a six kilometre distance.

This side of the mountain is in the Galician region of Spain. We have finally left behind the crop fields, this is animal farming territory.

On our path, the local farmers would let out the cows to pasture. We walked alongside the cows, here is a snap.

The highest point of today’s walk was just over 1300m. A statue of Santiago marks the spot. The Galician weather in the mountain areas is notoriously unpredictable and this is captured well by the statue’s pose.

From the second village, I estimated that it would take me 27 songs to reach our destination village. I calculated approximately 3-4 minute songs, each song I would approximately cover 300 metres in distance.

I arrived into Triacastela midway through the 28th song. Bahhhh! The town sort of just appeared out of nowhere, otherwise I would have run ahead to make it within my initial estimate, though I was pretty close anyway.

In town, we headed to an albergue. 8€ here got us a dorm with four beds. The beds are basically just placed one on top of another, held together with wooden dowel in each post. Hopefully we survive the night.

We arrived heaps early and I was hungry, so I wanted to go to the supermercado to get some food. I told Matt that I was going to buy a can of tripe, he asked me to buy one for him too.

Sam, Aaron and I went to the shop, but it was closed for siesta. So instead, we decided to go to the café and get something there. I saw a steak/chips/salad meal on the menu for 6€ and decided to get that.

When we got to the supermercado, I rememberd about Matt and thought not to punish him with canned tripe. I got noodles for him and never told him about our delicious afternoon meal.

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