Day 21 – El Camino – Rabanal to Molinaseca

Rabanal to Molinaseca, consumed by darkness we readied our head lamps and torches for our march to Cruz de Ferro.

~6.5 hours
1X water purification tablet
early morning was dark and chilly; mid morning was sunny and warm, but with a cool breeze on the mountain top; midday was sunny and super hot; super sunny and super hot all afternoon
– Albergue: 8€

We kind of planned to arrive at sunrise, but figured that the sun would still be low enough for a great view over the mountain and into the valley.

As we reached the peak, 1500 meters above sea level, the cross rose over the landscape in the distance.

I imagined it to be a large, heavy iron cross, buried up to the cross bar in pilgrims’ stones. We neared the monument and it was a wooden telegraph pole with a small iron cross at the top.

Still, it was a sight to behold. There were innumerable stones at the base of the cross, where pilgrims’ would let go of a small burden they bore on the walk thus far.

The walk to our destination town was long, but not unenjoyable this time for me. I had my phone playing music on speaker, to which I was singing along quite loudly as I walked.

A lady ahead of me was descending the mountain at speed. It was as though she was running away from me. There I was about four meters behind walking at a normal pace and her ahead with arms flailing about cruising down the side of the mountain.

Later on Matt would be ahead of me. The final descent was rocky and steep. I RAN past him on the way down, giggling at him as if making a game of it (of course I was). He then proceeded to run past me on the flat.

We entered the village at the same time and we both had heaps of peaches left. He wanted to race me over the bridge. I said no and he teased me by running circles around me.

As he ran a circle around me and was facing the opposite direction, I took the opportunity to leg it ahead and I beat him over the bridge. I won. I won.

In the next street was another bridge into the centre of town, crossing the river. I suggested we go for a swim, why not?

Here are some snaps.

Sam and Aaron caught up and came down to the riverside. Matt proceeded to try and throw me in the freezing cold water. I resisted, I resisted quite well. In many ways I am stronger than Matt.

He picked me up, but I was on the defense and wrestled him back into the ground, nearly smashing my skull into the pavement bordering the river.

He decided to call a truce and I agreed. After which he lulled me into a false sense of security and broke the truce, throwing me into the water. I gulped a disgusting mouthful of river juice, pee and bandaids was all I could taste.

We walked to a hotel that maintained an albergue. There was a house across the road with a yard for pilgrims. 8€ bought us a bed, access to kitchen, bathroom and tv in the bedroom.

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