Day 2 – El Camino – Roncevalles to Zubiri

Roncevalles to Zubiri, we started at Roncevaux 7h30 and it was a nice flat start to the trek. It was pouring down in rain.

~7 hours
poncho, Backpack cover, Laundry liquid
heavy rain early morning. Light rain midday. Warm but cover cast in the afternoon.
– Albergue: 12€

I’ve got a great poncho, heavy duty and slightly oversize for me to fit my backpack underneath! It has got clip buttons on the side, so I open the arm holes wider. Sadly, the rains still runs down my legs and straight into my boots – gaitors would have been great to prevent that.

To avoid being caught out without something to eat, we stopped in at the supermarket. I bought some fruits and tomatoes.

We crossed a few rivers thankfully there were stones or bridges. One of the crossings was completely flooded. There were a bunch of people waiting there. I decided to try and jump across and hoped to land in the most shallow part of the river. My right foot was drenched. Matt followed after and got both feet drenched.

We helped everyone across and they clapped and cheered for us. It was such a nice feeling to have been able to help other pilgrims on their walk. The rest of the trek was more or less downhill with one steep ascending incline.

We reached Zubiri at 14h30 and checked into our hostel.

Matt and I got a few beers at the bar. The World Cup was on tonight, 18h00 for the France V Germany match. Needless to say we were all rowdy and drunk.

Dinner for the pilgrims was served at 20h00. I could only stay for the entree as I was too drunk to hang around.

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