Bruxelles by day, Bruxelles by night.

Bruxelles is a small place with monuments, castles and churches. The architecture is lovely and people mostly speak French in this part of Belgium.
Pun and I stayed in a serviced apartment about two or three kilometres from the city centre, the nearest tram stop was Thomas. The suburb could have been likened to a ghetto. Really.
The feature image above is of front the of Les Arcades, the arches built to commemorate the independence of the country in 1905.
Below is our hangover breakfast – probably one of the best big breakfasts I have had in a long, long time. There was a bread basket for each of us, I had pain au chocolat and a selection of French breads. The dish pictured has: sausage, charcuterie, cheese, baked beans, smoked salmon, fried egg  and French toast with maple syrup.

The capital of the European Union is Bruxelles. I guess it was so much like a Canberran town that it was a no-brainer!

Pictured below is “European Parliament” in the official twenty-four languages of the EU.

This female figure, I guess, represents the European Union.

Some dog in a park.

This is a park in front of some museum – Bruxelles was a little dry for my liking.

Things got interesting when I spotted a couple of guys climbing the walls at the Les Arcades. They were probably training for some real mountain stuff!

Everywhere in the city of Bruxelles you can find corner walls painted with scenes from Tintin or Obelix and Asterix. Did you know that these comics were Belgian?

Just to throw back to the Camino de Santiago, I stumbled upon a way marker. Remarkable!

An ugly house in Bruxelles. 

Some of the apartments in the city are lit up with these illuminations. The ones below use the existing structure of the building as a canvas for the light artworks.

This is Bruxelles by night on top of a hill. 

This is the Royal Palace, though I am not sure if the royal family actually reside there. I would doubt it.

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