What Can You See In Paris In One Day?

When Pun arrived in France, I went to the airport to collect him. As I saw him from far away, I could not help but run up and just hug him! I was so excited to see him, it was the best!

It was pretty early in the morning, so we went to our apartment to drop off our things. Little did we know, but it was a public holiday in France (L’Assomption de Marie), so the reception to our serviced apartment was closed – however, the guy was pretty cool and hung around a bit for us and let us leave our bags for the day before checking in later in the afternoon.

We asked ourselves: What can you see in Paris in one day? A little exploring took us through narrow alleyways of Paris 0 – the very centre of the city.

We took a stroll from Saint-Michel over to the Notre Dame de Paris. Some girls were feeding sparrows from their hands, what an amazing trick!

As we walked along the River Seine, we saw that a beach had been installed along the banks. It was a bit too overcast to sunbake, but what a novel idea!

Here is a mini Eiffel Tower made out of red folding deck chairs!

The Love Lock Bridge ‘can no longer withstand the displays of affection shown by the attachment of locks’. It still doesn’t stop people from doing it…

Over at the Eiffel Tower, we checked out the view from Trocadero.

Then, we decided to go climb the thing! I didn’t think I would get as much vertigo as I did. I was clutching the railing so tightly and eve had to close my eyes at times to avoid passing out from the dizzying heights!

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