Snails, raw beef and French cuisine.

Pun and I have been eating mostly Asian food in Paris. We did have the odd French thing, like crêpes, kougn-amann, croissant, pain au chocolat, etc, but we weren’t going to leave without having a proper French meal, properly.

It is squishy meat, it is as you would expect raw meat to feel in your mouth.

Voilà, escargots. Cooked in parsley, garlic and butter, these are a perfect entrée to any meal.

Pun went with Confit de Canard, basically a duck leg cooked in duck fat. Yum!

I may have made the bravest choice, or the most stupid choice. I ordered Steak Tartare.

How can I describe it? Well, firstly it is raw beef, minced up with a bit of onion and herbs. It is squishy meat, it is as you would expect raw meat to feel in your mouth. The taste is raw, the herbs and onions don’t do anything to help the flavour (in my opinion).

I tried covering it with pepper. No effect.

I tried adding worcestershire sauce. Made it slightly saltier.

I tried a bit of dijon mustard to give it a saucier texture. Not much better.

I stuffed my mouth with fried potato and then took a bite of raw beef. I managed to finish it all up! But I was sad that I didn’t enjoy it.


I treated myself to possibly the best crême brûlée I have ever eaten. Yum!

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