The most wonderful place on Earth!

I never really thought I would ever make it to Disneyland, let alone Disneyland Paris. We bought a 1-day/1-park pass and chose Disney Studios.

I was nervous, actually properly scared.

The park is about an hour outside of Metropolitan Paris, so we took the RER train.

We lined up immediately for Hotel Hollywood, from the Twilight Zone episode of The Hollywood Tower. This was a ride sure to wake us up in the morning. I was nervous, actually properly scared. Even more so than most of the children lining up with us.

The basic story is that the elevator is haunted or something and it has a mind of its own. You get taken up to the top of the hotel and then drop, then go up a few floors then drop heaps of floors and repeat. What a ride!

The next ride was the Backlot Tour, on which we were shown some pretty cool special effects! Here we are in front of the car used in the 101 Dalmatians film.

This fuel tanker is set on fire, it explodes and then 300,000L of water are released from the top of the mountain and it appears as though it was going to wash us away in the cars. Just wow!

This was a recreation of the set for a dragon movie. You could feel the heat on your face!

To infinity and beyond! I was seriously lapping it all up, I had the best time!

The newly installed Rataouille ride was fantastic! You’re sitting in teacup style mice cars and there are about three or four of them that ‘travel’ together through Gaston’s restaurant. The cars spin and its all very exciting. They use a lot of 3D and visuals to make it feel like a rollercoaster, when in fact you are on a flat plain the whole time.

We ended up queuing in the Single Riders lines all the time, since they were much shorter.

By the end of the ride, the children were all screaming and crying.

Then the characters all came out in parade!

We saw a show about film magic and it was amazing! They mixed real actors with the screen and there was a massive sword that came out of the screen and there were fireworks and sparkles and oh my god!

Another special effects thing we saw was one for Armageddon. There was fire, the spaceship was breaking apart and the floor was shaking. By the end of the ride, the children were all screaming and crying. It was hilarious!

Finally, and luckily it was the final ride, was Crush’s Chase – from Finding Nemo. This is an indoor rollercoaster and the car spins around too. So much fun! But poor Punny got sick and threw up a little, and then a little more.

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