Our Own Private Beach In Goa

I had met a traveller in New Delhi with whom I became quick friends. She contacted me to ask what my next travel movements were and we decided to travel the rest of my busy itinerary together. Here’s how we got our own private beach in Goa for just 400 Rupees per night.

We had our own private beach, it was beautiful and peaceful

First stop was Goa. I hadn’t booked anything, being a very small Indian state, I could have stayed anywhere. My friend, Hazera, was in Candolim – there we stayed a night and made some great friends with the locals.

Lying on a beach chair all day under an umbrella with a few brews was a great way to relax – I felt like I was on holiday (from my holiday, ha!).

After Hampi, we came back to Goa and stayed at Agonda in the South. Here we had our own private beach, it was beautiful and peaceful – not another traveller or tourist in sight.

I treated myself to a non-veg breakfast, sausages + bacon and egg + onion relish! Om nom nom nom.

We stayed in a lovely beach house, right on the beach front – the sand came up all the way to our porch.

Many of the local beach animals came to visit often, which I absolutely loved! But Hazera was scared of them so we often had to scare them away.

I could have stayed here for years, maybe next time.

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