The Secret Non-Veg Place In Hampi

Hampi is strictly pure vegetarian, seriously! You will not find anyone serving non-veg meals in this small town, except one! I found it, though I did not engage this special service. There’s a secret non-veg place in Hampi, we found it and could have (if we wanted to) ordered a chicken!

Across from our guest house, Laxshmi Guesthouse, there was a café/restaurant/guest house called Gopi’s. We ate there everyday, breakfast, lunch and dinner (we were very limited for options).

On our last day, we noticed a part of the menu had no distinct ingredients, and simply listed a range of sauces/curries. The subtitle? Al Pollo, of course, Italian for chicken.

You must order several hours prior, as the chicken must be sourced from the nearby town of Hospet (16km away).

I’d say the chicken best stays in Hospet and stick to a vegetarian regime in this place…

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