10 Travel Hacks For Backpackers

Here are 10 travel hacks for backpackers, helping you every step of the way to get the most out of your adventures abroad!

1. Learn How To Pack Your Backpack


2. Dry Soaked Shoes

Scrunch up some newspaper and fill the inside of your shoes with it. This will draw out the water overnight and you can simply recycle the paper in the bin.


3. Cut Up Your Soap Bars

If you insist on carrying soap bars, then consider cutting the bar into ‘single use’ pieces. This saves you from having to dry out the whole bar and can be a hygienic way to store your soap.


4. Minimise Your Charging Adapters

Most devices these days can be charged with a USB cable. If you have an adapter that has a USB input, you only need to carry one instead of mutliple charging accessories that plug into the adapter… Just make sure you have the correct cables for each device.

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5. Use Your Belt As A Hiding Place For Your Cash

Kill two birds with one stone, hold up your pants and get a belt that has a zipper along the back. You can easily fold up your large currency and keep it on you for safe keeping. It means you are always close to your cash and you don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself by wearing bulky travel pouches.

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6. Needle And Thread For Blisters

With all the walking and hiking, it is possible you may get a pesky blister. If you need to lance the blister (to alleviate any rubbing pain when walking), thread a piece of string inside and allow one end to be left loose outside the blister. This will stop the fluid from building up inside and reblistering.

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6. Put Your Shoes In A Shower Cap

You can keep your shoes or flip flops in a Shower Cap. Its light, reusable and protects the inside of your bag from getting dirty.

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7. Use Packing Cubes In Your Backpack

Using packing cubes can really help you maximise space in your backpack and also makes it easy for you to access your belongings. They come in different sizes so you can have a different one for different clothes. You really only need two or three: for tops and t-shirts, for pants and shorts and one for small clothes like underwear and socks.

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9. Bring Only One Camera

If you’re using a smartphone, chances are the built-in camera is just as good as a normal digital point and shoot. You’ll save space, you won’t have to carry the extra weight and it means one less thing to worry about getting lost or stolen. And you probably want to upload your amazing photo to Instagram or Facebook instantly.


10. Chain Your Bag To The Bed

If there is no locker in your hostel, you can chain your backpack to the bed. I have taken many longhaul train journeys across India where they even have signs recommending you to chain your bag to the bottom of the chair – very handy to have one of these. I used the chain in Spain to secure our bags to posts while we went off to get lunch while on Camino de Santiago.

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