Passive Travel vs Active Travel

Passive Traveler

Passive traveling is like watching a program on television – its a monologue and only you are receiving its message, you do not participate in it in return.

You visit museums, stroll through the gardens and observe people from a café.

You see ancient archaeological sites and press your hands against the stone, while reading up on its history.

For lunch, you go to a food outlet with a familiar name and order your food in English.

At night, you rest your head on the fluffy pillows of a hotel room, everything you need at your disposal.

You take souvenirs home as a memento of your travels.

Active Traveler

Active traveling is like directing and producing a television program – its a multi-directional conversation with everyone involved in its creation, you do something and it reciprocates.

You visit people’s homes, do the gardening as a volunteer and have active conversations with strangers who would later become friends.

You see ancient archaeological sites and discuss with the local people how its importance has figured in their society since its existence and now in the present.

For lunch you go to a local food outlet where the menu isn’t in English and you try your best to order your food with at least a “Hello” “Please” and “Thank you” in the local language.

At night, you rest your head on the couch of someone’s house, since they invited you to stay as their guest.

You take experiences home, friends for life and memories of your travels.

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