Kawaguchiko and the Five Lakes Around Mount Fuji (Fujigoko)

At the base of the volcanic mountain is the lake district, Lake Kawaguchiko (河口湖), one of the five lakes around Mount Fuji.

On a clear day with no wind, you will see the perfect reflection of the mountain from the lake’s surface. Amazing views that only Alice and April got to see, since they woke up at sparrow’s fart to see the sunrise.

Further out, the other four lakes are just as spectacular, though Kawaguchiko is by far the most accessible.

Photo credit: Alice Chong


Lake Saiko (西湖)

There are other mountains that obstruct views of Mount Fuji from the shores of the lake, but you can get clear views from the western end.

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Lake Yamanakako (山中湖)

The largest of the five lakes, Yamanakako, offers hotel accomodation as well as camping grounds for those who want to be closer to nature.

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Lake Shojiko (精進湖, Shōjiko)

The smallest of the five lakes, Shojiko, is largely untouched by human development. Bordering the Aokigahara forest, this lake is popular for fishing, jet skiing and boating.

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Lake Motosuko (本栖湖)

The most difficult lake to access, it offers visitors a different perspective of Mount Fuji. Featured on the reverse side of the ¥1000 note, it may be best to enjoy the view from your wallet.

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