Robot Restaurant and Hosts of Kabukicho

Shinjuku is pretty much the middle of the city, definitely one of the busiest districts in Tokyo. On this day we opened up a free street press magazine and found a coupon offering ¥1000 discount for the robot restaurant. We were excited to go, why not?

Into Shinjuku we went. Deeper and deeper still. We reached the big crossing going to Kabukicho – Tokyo’s red light district. Family friendly from the outside with all the bright neon signs and welcoming waiters at the front of each restaurant, this district has a few interesting stories to tell.

I’ve heard of hosts who just have a bath with you. Strictly no touching is involved, apparently.

You may see some men just hanging around. Often they will be dressed quite well, collared shirt, pants and pointed shoes. These men are called “hosts,” they are male escorts. Their services are usually taken up for companionship, but I’m sure they would offer other services for paying customers.

A typical host will have dinner with you, spend the evening chatting and drinking with you. Apparently.

I’ve heard of hosts who just have a bath with you. Strictly no touching is involved, apparently.

Anyway, back to robot restaurants. There’s a two-hour show three times per night, starting from 4PM. What’s involved? I’m not entirely sure, because we didn’t end up going ahead – only the late show was available and we wouldn’t have been able to get a train back to Yokohama (which is outside of Tokyo).

But I can tell you that there are robots from your robot fantasies in the show. Female dancers also perform in sexy, scantily clad costumes. Apparently. It’s called Robot Restaurant, but we weren’t sure if dinner was served during the show.

I’d love to go next time!


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