The BEST Phở in Vietnam

I had phở in every city I visited in Vietnam, each one progressively better than the previous. My last bowl of soup was for breakfast and it was literally five minute walk from our hotel. I just picked the place based on the ratio of local customers vs foreign customers. This had mostly Vietnamese customers and was abosultely packed! Luckily, I didn’t have to wait.

It was seriously the best thing to have ever met my lips.

I ordered the standard bowl of beef soup, served with tripe, cartilage and raw beef. OH MY GOD, it was seriously the best thing to have ever met my lips.

Don’t forget, that as many ingredients already go into the making of the perfect bowl of phở, adding more is never a bad idea.

Just OMG all over.

Condiments such as roasted chilled or the famous orange-red Rooster Sauce, make fine additions to a bowl of soup. Compulsory additions are the Vietnamese mint leaves that I find a joy and ritual to hand pluck each leaf, and the refreshingly crunchy bean sprouts. The combination will give you a mouth feel that is out of this world – salty, spicy, minty, crunchy, soupy, noodley, meaty, chewy. Just OMG all over.

I liked the communal experience of this particular restaurant. You come in and get seated on a table where others are already devouring their large bowls of soup. You might sit there for a few minutes in awe as they give you the hunger feels as you wait for your own bowl of deliciousness to arrive.

Here’s the address: Phở 10 Lý Quốc Sư, Mai Hắc Đế, Hanoï, Vietnam

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For 70,000VND, you’re laughing for the best pho in Vietnam (or probably anywhere). Enjoy!

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