Need A Thrill? Climb The Ghost Tower In Bangkok

It is sometimes spoken about, but never openly. Locals dare not venture into the long abandoned construction site of Sathorn Unique. Only the most curious, adventurous and bold will brave the danger to climb the Ghost Tower in Bangkok.

Edit: 07 Oct 2015
Recent reports have suggested that the gate has been permanently locked. There are men behind the gates, however they are not allowing access for the time being. I will follow up with this and update as required.

Who knows if their activities are sanctioned by the council?

The high-rise apartment that rose too high violated its building allowances, exceeding the permitted number of levels – in the back of my mind, I can hear the residents of neighbouring high-rise apartments fuming about their views being blocked. Due to the exponentially increasing costs, the building was left derelict at the peak of the Global Financial Crisis.

These days, local Thai men put their own padlocks on the gates and charge curious travellers a hefty 500THB to enter the premises. Who knows if their activities are sanctioned by the council? I daresay they aren’t!

Enter at your own risk! This is an abandoned construction site with much building materials and debris left behind.

There is no elevator, so you must climb 47 levels (which is 94 flights of stairs).

Be super aware of your surroundings and watch your step! There are plenty of holes in the concrete floors that are large enough for you to fall through!

Your travel insurance probably will not cover you for this!

If you injure yourself at the top or on your way there, NOONE will be there to help you immediately. You are very much on your own here.

You can google the address yourself – the building is quite visible and still listed as a proper location in maps. Here is the alleyway entrance – just knock on the gate and someone will let you in.

The views are spectacular, affording sweeping vistas of the expansive metropolis. If you time it right, you can see the sun setting on the western side, throwing brilliant red and yellows for your photographic pleasure.

I did not dare to go down the corridor to see what was there – something in me feared of finding a body.

So, Ghost Tower eh? Yeah, there are stories. The stories tell of youths, depressed and without hope, climbing the abandoned building to take their own lives. Its a sad story, but one I have not yet been able to find verifiable evidence to support. If real, then the following is super eerie!

On one of the higher levels, I saw a name spray painted on the far wall at the end of the corridor. With the thought of the suicide in the back of my mind, I did not dare to go down the corridor to see what was there – something in me feared of finding a body. The concrete was well-lit and I could see rocks and piles of metal lining the walls, so it was very surprising to me that I couldn’t take a photo in full light.

The camera was set to AUTO mode, so it should have adjusted itself for the best light exposure – but it could only take dark photos, with the doorways and alcoves glowing with faint halos. It may be the ghost of the Ghost Tower!

I am terrified of heights, so it was thrilling enough to climb the tower. I am always trying to push myself beyond the boundaries of comfort and decided to sit on the edge of the open building on the 48th floor. I sat there for two seconds, but that was enough for me to spring backwards in fear and get jelly legs for the next fifteen minutes!

On the rooftop, the highest point is a circular structure. It could have been a garden in the future?

Mhee and I took some time to climb up there, given there were no official stairs or ladders provided. Climbing over unused building materials and rusting metal sheets was not the most safe activity I’ve participated in.

For reasons unknown to me, some people do not find the thrill of climbing an unfinished building enough, so add alcohol to the mix and you’re really living on the edge. Jeebus…!

Most of the apartments would have been quite luxurious, with well-appointed rooms flooded with natural lighting.

Here’s the throne room!

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