24 Hours In Malacca, Malaysia

According to legend, Parameswara (the last king of Singapura) who had fled Sumatra, arrived at the site of where the city now stands. He sought shelter under a Melaka tree, saw his hunting dogs being challenged and kicked into river by a tiny mouse deer. Entertained with what he had just witnessed, he choose to name the site Melaka as he was resting under a Melaka tree during event.

Have a day or two in this small town on your way up to Kuala Lumpur, here’s what you can see with 24 hours in Malacca.

Get in from Singapore

Multiple direct buses daily : 707 Coach Operator, luxury AC coach (double-decker)
4 hours (incl. immigration clearance)

Find The Art

The buildings surrounding the Heritage City have been painted with artworks, giving a bright and modern feel to the area (in stark contrast to the dusty and grey alleys).

Heritage City, protected by UNESCO

UNESCO declared this part of Melacca City a heritage and protected site in 2008. You’ll notice that most of the structures are covered in a deep, earthy red. Its a very small area and you could easily walk around the place in 15 minutes, literally tiny.

Ride Around On A Decorated Rickshaw

This one doesn’t tickle my fancy, but if its your thing then go for it. Rickshaw drivers are lined up and waiting to take you on a short tour around the Heritage City. These bicycle rickshaws are elaborately decorated with stuffed toys and imitation flowers – possibly in an attempt to give it a romantic feel..?

The Water Wheel

An important trading port in Asia, the Melaka Water Wheel was used to channel water for the large number of traders. Seafaring merchants came from Arabia, Persia, India, China, Ryukyu, Philippines and Thailand. Today, the wheel doesn’t turn continuously – possibly doesn’t even turn at all!?

Walk Along The Waterside

Just next to the Heritage City is the waterways that flow out into the straits. You can take a stroll along the walkways which stretch the entire length of the waterways, or you can take a boat tour which departs from the wharf just beyond the Water Wheel – costs 15 RM.



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