Nai Harn, A Quiet Beach In Phuket

In a rush of excitement I grabbed my bag and ran straight out the door. I stood on the sidewalk with a cigarette, which would normally coincide with a reach for my phone. Yet, this time I had no desire to stare at a luminescent screen, only stare into the distance pondering on my existence.

No phone. No camera. No photos.

A short walk into the centre of town led me to a songthaew. The driver took me on a 45 minute journey to the quiet and (somewhat) secluded beach called Nai Harn. As he drove away he called out the window “Last songthaew back to Phuket Town is leaving at 4PM.” I paid it no mind as I figured I could figure out a way back home, no stress.

Only now, on the beach, did I think to reach for my phone. I was wearing board shorts, the kind with the single velcro pocket on the leg – inside, nothing but coins. I fumbled through my bag, only a notebook and a pack of cigarettes.

No phone. No camera. No photos.

I shall be as descript as possible. Please find a quiet place to continue reading, it will help me paint a picture in your mind.

Grains of sand, fine and golden, in a smooth field, pocked with footprints.

Ocean waves, caressing the shoreline, lapping against the sand in successive sighs of release.

Ripples on the liquid surface, glistening. Sparkling in the sunlight, catching diamond brilliance in a beckoning dance.

The horizon so far, one might wonder if it ever ended. An unreachable distance that reduced enormous ocean liners to insignificant shapes, ghostly.

Islands rising from the ocean breaks, falling into its warm embrace. Skirted by jagged and uneven rocks that reach up into its lush, green covering. The outline of trees indistinct, as if simply coated by a woven tapestry, shrouding the tiny island’s mystery.

A haze to cloak the cool, blue hues of the limitless sky. If the water were to reflect the colour of the atmosphere, then it would now seem a milky white.

Humans here, humans there. A cacophony of laughter and enjoyment.

And me, amongst of all this beauty – the wonders of nature.

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