A series of very fortunate events

The last time I was in Paris I bought five metro tickets. When I left Paris, I still had one left over which I kept in my wallet.

My coach from Berlin to Paris was due to arrive at 9:30am. Normally, this would leave an hour or so for me to make my connection at Saint-Lazare at 10:48am.

Typically, the ticket boutiques are a seething mess of people

However, due to delays experienced on the road, we arrived at 10:10am. This left me 38 minutes to make my connection AND not without challenges along the way.

As soon as the coach pulled up, I ran straight out the door and grabbed my bag from the undercarriage.

I ran straight down the stairs to the metro, peeling open my wallet as I was going. Thankfully, I had a metro ticket and went straight through the gates. TICK

A guy tried to follow me through the gate, to avoid purchasing a ticket but I refused to help him and ran down to the platform.

Happily, the train was already at the platform and I descended the stairs facing the conductor. He waved me in and closed the doors immediately behind me. TICK

The International Coach Station is the terminus of Line 3, so I had 15 stops before I could disembark.

I estimated that each stop should be approximately 60 seconds or less on average, including the transit between stations and the point at which the doors begin to close. This would mean 15 minutes to Saint-Lazare.

I was right, my estimations were fairly close an we arrived at Saint-Lazare at 10:31am.

Happily, I was in the forward carriage, the one closest to the exit for the Grandes Lignes. I stepped out of the carriage and straight up the stairs. TICK

The next step was to collect my ticket from the Boutique. I’m running around with my big backpack on the back and my daypack on the front. I must have looked ridiculous.

Typically, the ticket boutiques are a seething mess of people, either buying a ticket, or complaining about something.

As I reached the Boutique, there was an eerie silence. Barely anyone was lining up.

I simply pushed the button and took a ticket. Number J0081. The board showed J0079 and that made me anxious.

I put down my bag and pooped with joy.

I asked the officer if I could jump the queue since my train was leaving shortly. He said, No you must wait in line like everybody else.

To my content, the consultants were efficient that day. I was served shortly after and ran out of the door to find the schedule board.

Train 3107 to Havre was at the platform and I still had ten glorious minutes to board.

I put down my bag and pooped with joy.

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