Fisterra – The End of the Earth

Before parting ways, we decided to take a trip to Fisterra, otherwise known in Latin as Finisterre, or in English End of the Earth.

We thought that there was a bus at 11h00, but when we arrived we were informed that the next one was at 13h00. We went to the café for a few hours, had a drink, got some feed and played cards to pass the time.

The bus ride was two hours long, but (when I was awake) I did see a lot of beautiful things. Here are some snaps from the bus.

We walked up the mountain along the road, which took about an hour, our destination was the lighthouse at the End of the Earth.

At the end of the Earth the final Camino marker shows 0.00km. It is the end of our journey.

Here is the lighthouse at the End of the Earth.

When I was in Brest, France, I picked up a heart-shaped stone, which would be the one I would carry on the Camino all the way to the end.

Here at Fisterrait is tradition to leave your stone, take a load off, unburden yourself. It was difficult for me to let go, but I guess that is the point, right?

The guys picked a spot and had some time to meditate, not before Aaron trolled my iPhone camera and took some fantastic selfies. Here!

On our way back down the mountain, we bumped into some friends we met on the Camino as they were walking up! Kirsten, a German, had finished the Camino and headed to the lighthouse to symbolically burn some of her things.

Another 200m down the road we bumped into the two Australian guys, Daniel and Mick. They had set off from Santiago to Fisterra and challenged themselves to arrive in under twenty-four hours. They were 30 minutes from achieving their goal and they did not have far to go. Well done to them!

In town, we had dinner at a pizza restaurant. As we sat down, the song on speakers was The Weight by The Band. The line in the chorus is “Take a load of Fanny. Take a load for free”. We have been singing this song over and over through the course of our walk.

It was pretty cool that we bumped into two groups of people and our theme song came on at the restaurant.

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