Recapitulative of my Camino de Santiago de Compostela

Firstly, I must thank my companions, Matthew, Aaron and Samantha. We were a very positive crew, always supporting one other and keeping each other’s spirits high.

It was a difficult journey. Day 1 was testing, but enduring the full itinerary was even more so.

I am proud of our achievement. We made it.

We walked together. We broke bread together. We endured pain together.

I met many people on the walk, people with whom I shared a moment, people with whom I shared a section of the walk, people with whom I shared my story, people with whom I shared my first aid kit, people with whom I shared a connection.

We are all on a path, perhaps not always the same path, but we try our best to help each other in whatever way we can.

At first my motivations to walk were: a personal challenge to myself; to discover Spain in a different way; to meet new people and gain new perspectives. As I walked, I added spiritual development. Though I was not searching for ‘something’ in particular, I wanted to grow as a person, gain strength and willpower and discover something new about myself.

A secondary thought I had while walking was that ‘my’ Camino was also for those who could not do it themselves. For example, my friends and family who may not have the physical strength to walk the way, or those who may never get the chance to walk the way. All the pain and suffering I endured for them, so that they did not have to endure it themselves. (This sounds kinda self-righteous, but it’s what I truly thought to myself while walking.)

I discovered that I had strong willpower. I could mentally prepare myself for a long day of walking and push through the pain and suffering to complete the day’s target.

The experience and sense of accomplishment I have after finishing the walk is incredible. I will take with me for the rest of my life all the pain and suffering I endured on the walk. It will serve as a constant reminder that no matter what I do in life, things are difficult before they are easy; the best will overcome the worst; and you are responsible for nobody but yourself when it comes to willpower.

Discovery, adventure, and travel. These are three things (of many) that I live for. Spain is a beautiful country with lovely people. The landscapes are something to behold.

Strength, endurance and body. I lost 4kg over the course of the 29 day walk. I also gained muscle and toned my body. My legs are lean and rock solid.

The act or inaction of not shaving was also a journey. I’ll be shaving the beard shortly. It was nice to have been able to grow it, but I prefer to be beardless really.

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