Where have I been so far? Eurotrip recapitulative.

On my first ever Eurotrip, there are three major routes and one minor one. The map above plots these routes together, each shown in a different colour.

Over a period of nine months, I visited a bunch of places across fifteen European countries in the following order:

  1. England
  2. Ireland
  3. Northern Ireland
  4. France
  5. Switzerland
  6. Spain
  7. Monaco
  8. Italy
  9. The Vatican City
  10. Austria
  11. Germany
  12. Czech Republic
  13. The Netherlands
  14. Portugal
  15. Belgium

The first major route was my trip with Marianela through the United Kingdom and then on a tour bus operated by Contiki.

We spent five weeks travelling together and saw a great deal of Europe.

  • UK: London > Dublin > Galway > Belfast > Dublin > London
  • France: Paris, Serves-Sur-Rhônes, Nice
  • Switzerland: Lucerne, Lautebrunnen
  • Spain: Barcelona
  • Monaco
  • Italy: Pisa, Florence, Rome, Orvietto, Venice
  • The Vatican City
  • Austria: Vienna
  • Germany: Munich, Dresden, Berlin
  • Czech Republic: Prague
  • The Netherlands: Amsterdam, Volendam


The second major route was my solo tour around France, where I spent the good part of six months. I spent quite some time doing Workaway stays and Couchsurfing. This was the best thing I have ever done. I challenged myself, I met amazing people who I will keep as friends for life, I experienced many typical French things, I saw more of France than most French people!

Below in the list, I have underlined places where I did Workaway stays, and italic-underlined the places where I Couchsurfed.

  • Isle de France: Paris
  • Rhônes AlpesAime-La-Plagne and surrounds, Lyon
  • Limousin: Tulle and surrounds
  • Midi-Pyrenées: Puy-L’Evêque and surrounds, Toulouse, Lourdes
  • Acquitaine: Bordeaux, St-Jean-Pied-de-Port and surrounds
  • Pays de La Loire: Nantes
  • Bretagne: Brest and surrounds, Rennes and surrounds
  • Centre: Le Mans, Orléans
  • Normandie: Yvetot and surrounds

Still there are cities I would like to visit: Lile in the North, Strasbourg to the East, Dijon near the centre, and Montpellier to the South.


The third major route was that of Le Chemin de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle (El Camino de Santiago de Compostella) and I travelled with Matthew and Aaron (plus a new friend, Samantha, who we met along the way). This was mostly on foot over 29 days, particularly from St-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostella.

Fisterra onwards was holiday travelling with Matthew, Aaron and Samantha.

There are so many Spanish villages that we visited, so I will name a few of the major ones only.

  • Spain: Roncesvalles, Pamplona, Lorgoño, Burgos, Léon, Fisterra, Madrid
  • Portugal: Lisbon
  • France: Nice, Monaco, Lyon, Paris
  • Italy: La Spezia, La Cinque Terre (Riamaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso Al Mare), Torino


And here is my holiday with Pun, after which he brought me home.

  • France: Paris, Versailles, Disneyland Paris
  • Belgium: Brusells, Bruges
  • The Netherlands: Amsterdam, Volendam, Marken
  • Hong Kong (stop over)
  • Australia: Sydney


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