Reject The Repeating Ritual Of Routine

This morning I became suddenly aware of my surroundings. I noticed the same school children waiting at the bus stop at 8:06AM. I noticed the same guy on his bike ride past me at 8:11AM. I noticed the same commuters boarding my train at 8:23AM. I suddenly noticed that this happens to me every single day.

I feel trapped in a system that heavily dictates my daily life and my schedule. I thought to myself: ‘Do these people notice that they pass me at those exact same times every morning?’

I call it the repeating ritual of routine.

Reject the repeating ritual of routine

My next thought was: ‘How can I reject these repeating rituals of routine?’ But is it even possible?

Time is a precious commodity. I can always make money and lots of it, but can I make time?

Money can grow. You can earn more, you can save it, you can exchange it.

Time on the other hand is a currency that we so easily give away like it has little value to us.

For me, work is just an exchange of money for our time. The time outside of work is mine own, and I have to spend it wisely.

What is time worth to me? What value do I get from money, that warrants spending more time working for it? Is the correlation this simple?

I want to shake it. I want to break it. I want to be free.


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