Do Not Eat With Your POO Hand

In India, we eat with our hand – read that again, I have purposefully typed hand in the singular, not plural.

Knowing this, do not eat with your poo hand.

There is a particular etiquette to be followed, but none of us westerners are ever informed. Even if you have close friends who are locals, they will be too polite to bring to your attention that you may be eating with your dirty hand.

Public bathrooms, toilets do not supply toilet paper, instead there is a bidet. This is why a poo hand even exists! Knowing this, do not eat with your poo hand.

So which hand is the poo hand? It’s your left hand usually. This means that you must refrain from the following to avoid awkward stares or causing offence:

  • Touching food, or bringing food to your mouth
  • Handing an object to someone
  • Touching a sacred instrument, such as a lamp or pooja (offering)
  • Receiving holy water at a temple
  • Paying money to someone

I’m certain that there are other and many more instances to avoid – but these are the most common I have come across.

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