Swag, Lakes, Restored Havelis in Udaipur

Udaipur is in an area surrounded almost completely by moutains and hills. This lends the low lying lands to lock in vast amounts of water – so this is the Indian City of Lakes – many of them naturally occurring. in a pinch, I describe it as having swag, lakes and restored Havelis in Udaipur.

The old City Palace, was pretty old and pretty boring.

Here I stayed in a 300-year old restored haveli. Every detail was true to the orginal architecture and design. Even the door to my room was a heavy wooden barricade with iron wrought fixtures!

In the morning, the light shines through lovely coloured glass, see below!

This is a panorama next to the City Palace – where I did some sight seeing with a tuk tuk driver for the whole day.

The old City Palace, was pretty old and pretty boring.

We drove up a mountain and there was a statue of some guy, sorry I forgot who it was (I don’t really like sightseeing).

But the views from up there were amazing, you could see over the entire city on all sides of the hill!

There was a museum which had some scale models of the ancient structures and walls that were part of the Udaipur region.

Being a place full of water, I decided to take a boat across one of the lakes. It was a pleasant short ride, but the blistering heat helped me to decide not to stay too long on the island in the middle of the lake.

Here are some views from the rooftop of my haveli – simply stunning. I spent quite some time up here just staring out into the distance.


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