The Sunny Cliffs of Varkala

Not far from Trivandrum (Thiruvanathapuram) is a coastal town called Varkala. It is a beach town with sheer cliffs falling into the sand and into the sea. I call them the Sunny Cliffs of Varkala.

Orange marmalade spilled sky brushed with dabs of cotton candy

We stayed at a lush hostel (with a private double, woohoo!) right near the cliffs, Vedanta Wake Up!

We arrived late in the evening and took a stroll along the beach. As it was dark, we had to navigate our way down the cliffs somehow – we followed a path that brought us straight onto the sand.

The water was still warm from the hot day, the sand firm and pressed where the sea met it. As we reached the far end of the beach, the smells of salt and sea filled our noses – the fresh ocean spray to tempt us into the water, but not quite!

The next day, the views from the cliff tops were like none-other. The backdrop of green canopies hanging over the cliff face, the yellow of the sand, the (not really so) turquoise liquid ebbing and flowing with white tips, and the orange marmalade spilled sky brushed with dabs of cotton candy. A delight for the senses, I am getting hungry just thinking about it!

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