Six Thought-Provoking Questions To Ask A Traveler

Deep conversation is an enriching way to experience someone else’s perspective and share their story and path in life. Carefully crafted questions can help you probe the deeper reaches of a traveller’s mind and allow you to see what they are really made of – here are six thought-provoking questions to ask a traveler.

Who are you?

A friend hit the nail on the head, she said:

The words that follow I am are so intrinsically important to who you actually are.

This will be your first impression on who they are as the person they want you to perceive them to be. People generally want to make a positive impression, so things can be inflated to make it sound better. A penguin can never be a giraffe, so be the best penguin you can be.


What is your philosophy on life?

This isn’t an ego driven question, rather it provokes a person’s raison d’être. Here are my philosophies for example:

Live a life asset light. Live simply.
If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Explore boldly.


When did you first become inspired to hit the road?

Surely, there was a point in time when you experienced that cathartic moment – all inspiration rushing to your head, flooding your mind with thoughts of adventure, romance and discovery.


There must be some places you will not go? Where are those places?

Related to your raison d’être, where you choose to travel can give you insight about yourself and the person you ask. Perhaps you love the great outdoors and hiking. Perhaps you love sightseeing and admiring ancient architecture.  It can really make you understand yourself and your travel goals.


How do you actively participate in culture during your travels?

We talk about active vs passive traveling. People who go on holidays are generally passive travelers. Travelers on longer schedules tend to lend themselves to more active participation in a culture, language and attitudes.


Why are you here?

Here can be interpreted as you like. Its interesting to hear many people consider here as in the place where they are currently. However, there are those that consider here as a metaphorical location – describing the now the world and everything we live for.

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