What If Money Was No Object? Don’t Sleep Through Your Dreams

One of my main philosophies in life is: If you can dream it, you can achieve it. The first step to realising your dream is to really know what that dream is. Its not enough to have wishy washy ideas about what you might  like to be doing with your life – you have got to be honest and true to yourself and really understand deeply what it is to be you and what your life here on Earth means to you.

What if money was no object? How would that change your goals in life? What would your time mean to you?

Here’s a video put together by Tragedy & Hope. The voice of Alan Watts, a British-born philosopher, writer and speaker. While his main area of scholarly interest was Theology, his speech in the video below is so relevant to travel and discovery. He allows the audience to delve deep into their true desires and explore the possibility of living out those dreams.

Press play and allow yourself some serious thoughts about what you truly desire (and since you’re on my site, I guess its a travel dream). #wanderlust


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