A Night Of Utopia, Luang Prabang

I’m a big believer in fate, coincidences are all purposeful. After I left my friends in Luang Namtha, it was fate that brought us together again in Luang Prabang. Rebecca and Andrew were volunteering in the north while I was there, just so happens that they also planned a bit of a getaway that ‘coincided’ with my own plans!

Three Aussies, a heritage town and copious amounts of good, cheap beer. The only result that could come from this combination is a glorious and gelubrious night of fun! (We never talk about the mess afterwards.)

In a heritage town where the beautiful red pavement runs parallel to the river, the best place for a cheeky beverage is down by the water.

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Utopia, Luang Prabang is a utopia nestled amongst narrow and winding residential alleyways – set bang smack in front of the river, perched high on an elevated terrace. We sat inside where the lighting was dim with a incandescent red glow irradiating from inconspicuous sources scattered all over the place.

Bodies, soft and intoxicated, laying on the matted floor, across banana lounges and hanging from designer chairs hanging by chains from the ceiling. If I imagine an opium den, this is what I see. But of course, no opium is welcome here!

We imbibed together with Tatjana, a friend I met at the Kouang Xi Falls. A few beers, a few cocktails and a dozen or so cigarettes later, utopia was upon us.

As the bar was closing, tuk-tuk drivers swarmed the place seeking drunk revelers to take home. One nice gentleman was coaxing us into a short tuk-tuk ride to the local bowling alley – yes, a fully equipped ten pin bowling alley. So we did the best thing we could and obliged the man.

A French couple followed us closely behind on their motorbike. We turned off the main street onto a quiet road, not lit by streetlights, then turned off onto unsealed dirt road, at the end of which we would find the bowling alley.

By this point, I was way past the point of no return (beyond my drinking limit), yet I continued to down long necks of the local amber brew. We played a few games, one of which I think I won!

A big night before an eight-hour journey in a minivan is probably not the best idea, but I couldn’t have wished it any other way!

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