Norma Chiangmai – Pretty Things

Admiration, pride and curiosity – three things that I feel when stepping in to the world of Norma. P’ Nara, my Thai sister and friend has taken her creativity up a notch and her essence truly shines through her store, Norma. Everything from the shopfront, its decor and the items to buy has a piece of P’Nara that you can instantly connect with – very relatable.

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In a really lovely part of Moon Muang in Chiangmai, a stroll through Soi 6 will bring you to a cross road at Ratvithi Soi 2. There you will be gladly delighted by the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of a small store selling pretty things.

How about this wicked passport holder? Locally made from the leaves of a tree. Traditionally, this type of leaf was used by farmers who would wrap up their lunch therein. Today, the leaf takes on a modern twist, now holding your precious travel documents. Its got tactile appeal!

The shop doubles as an art space, a space where budding and aspiring artists (in any medium) will be able to exhibit their work. Norma supports local artists in this way, providing a unique platform and stage for the new generation of creatives.

This cat just loves to hang out in the shop! Watch as he admires this pencil artwork of Joaquin Phoenix from the movie Her. Stunning!

Not just for adult-sized travellers, the pocket-sized travellers find their way into the shop, too. Its a testament to the shop’s creative allure, something for everyone, something for all.

Once you’re done with the admiration, pride and curiosity, there’s a great little café right across from the shop. Basically a hole in the wall, the guy produces some great coffees and teas!

Images used with permission: Instagram @normachiangmai

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