#ShortList : Epic Train Journeys

#ShortList : Epic Train Journeys

There is something particularly zen about travelling overland by train. I’ve made a #ShortList of the most epic train journeys from around the world.

Indian-Pacific, Australia

The great sunburnt country downunder is home to an epic train journey that crosses the Australian continent. The Indian-Pacific travels from the Pacific ocean side of Australia departing from Sydney, all the way to Perth on the Indian ocean side. The 4,352km (2,704mi) railway incorporates the longest straight track in the world!

Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia

An epic seven day journey through the frozen landscape of Russia takes you 8,986km (5,623mi) from Moscow to Beijing. Travelling during the summer months provides more daylight hours to admire the wild outdoors from the comfort of a well-heated train cabin. 

Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

From Vancouver to Jasper, via the Rainforest to Goldrush route will take you through timberland along the mighty Fraser River. During the three day journey it is very possible to see birds of prey and even wild bears!

Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Tibet

The highest railway in the world at 5,702m (16,640ft) above sea level connects Xining in China to Lhasa in Tibet. As air thins at such altitude, there are special high-altitude passenger carriages with enriched oxygen and UV systems. 

Pride of Africa, South Africa

Claimed to be one of the world’s most luxurious train rides, the Pride of Africa boasts views over the African plains through South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania. It takes 15 days to traverse the five countries and over 6,103km (3,792mi).

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