#ShortList : Seven Wonders of the Natural World

Seven Natural Wonders of the World

Nature has created some wonders of the world, features of the earth that could not have possibly been sculpted by human hands. As humankind continues to build its environment around itself, we turn to the wildness of the great outdoors for tranquility and stillness. These are the new seven wonders of the natural world, as compiled by New7Wonders.

Amazon River, Colombia / Brazil / Peru

By far the largest river in the world by discharge of water, displacing 209,000 cubic metres of water per second! The river snakes across the South American continent through four nations: Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

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Jeju Island, South Korea

This just makes the list as an outfielder. It is the largest island off the South Korean peninsula – it is a World Heritage site, a volcanic island with a vast complex of lava tubes.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Legend tells of a deity enamoured by a beautiful woman, who fled with her mortal lover in a canoe – in a rage, the jealous and spiteful deity split the river, causing the water to cascade and create the waterfalls, condemning the mortal lovers to an eternal fall.

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Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam

The name literally means where the dragon descended and it is easy to see how it could have gotten this name – the thousands of limestone isles and rocky outcrops protuding from the water’s surface.

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Komodo Island, Indonesia

This island is well-known for its local inhabitants, the Komodo Dragon, whose saliva can cause flesh to fester upon contact.

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Puerto Princesa Underwater River, Philippines

This subterranean wonder is quite literally a river that runs underground, through a system of caves. There have been discoveries of secondary levels to suggest that underwater waterfalls may exist at several points along this underwater fleuve.

Table Mountain, South Africa

On most days the mountain can be seen veiled by a ‘table cloth’ of cloud, formed by the specific conditions of the mountain’s slope pushing up south-easterly winds up into colder air.

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