A Hot Day In Hampi (Rhymes with Lumpy)

By now, I have seen so much of the ancient civilisations that once ruled over many parts of India. I had a hot day in Hampi (rhymes with lumpy), an ancient city were there was yet another King who ruled the area. Taking advantage of nature and its natural barriers formed by seven hills surrounding Hampi, an ancient city was built here.

It’s a very hot place, my god it was hot.

The most famous of all the monuments here is the Stone Car, it is in a temple complex (costing 250 Rs for foreigners or 10 Rs for locals).

The town itself is very small, perhaps less than 100 dwellings. And the monuments are within walking distance and can be found by following the river (or walking parallel to it) eastward.

It’s a very hot place, my god it was hot.

On the tourists maps, you will see many marked Bazaars. However, these are not working bazaars, just the remnants of their ancient selves.

Here’s a panorama of the bouldered landscape surrounding the Hampi region.

These were quite recently painted, you can tell. but what they signify I do not quite know.

One of the ancient bazaars from the bouldered hilltop view.

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