A Picturesque Sunset In A Bouldered Landscape

Hampi is full of boulders – it is the feature of its landscape. In fact, many travellers and adventure seekers come to Hampi for rock-climbing and bouldering. But come dusk, you’re in for a picturesque sunset in a bouldered landscape.

The warmth, the brilliance, the dance of light and shadows.

Here’s a photograph of me by the riverside – again accented by the spillage of boulders on the far bank.

The sunset in this small town is probably the most remarkable thing to experience – I have not seen a sunset quite like it in India, and anywhere else in the world in fact.

We climbed the hill near our guest house, some 300-400 metres to the large Temple Complex. Around the back, an unlocked gate would allow us entry into the ancient place of worship and to the best vantage point to experience the eclipsing daylight.

To see the Sun so large in the sky and for it to continue to bathe everything for miles (as far as the eye can see in a 360 degree perspective), it was simply amazing. The warmth, the brilliance, the dance of light and shadows.

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