The Bandana Bandits Do An Archaeological Survey of Hampi

We hired an auto-rickshaw driver for a full day, it cost us only 300 rupees (between us that would be 150 rupees each!). The driver agreed to take us to all the places that we had marked on the map, including all of the monuments that are included in the paid entry ticket (250 rupees for foreigners and 10 rupees for locals). This would become our own self-conducted archaeological survey of Hampi.

Our driver was wearing a bandana and I just felt like I needed one too. It was hot, I was sweating so it was also a practical decision! 15 rupees later, we both have a bandana!

To all the redheads out there, come to Hampi!

First stop was the museum – guess this is where they put all the boring stuff! No photos here.

Next was Stone Car and the largest temple complex in Hampi. Only electric motor vehicles are permitted within 500 metres of the monument, so its either a walk in the hot sun or a 20 rupee ride on the electric car.

We opted for the walk, since the queues for the electric car were redonk! We passed a man cutting down coconuts from a tree and I asked him if I could have a coconut (not really expecting anything). He actually said YES! And I grabbed the closest one to me, as did Hazera.

We passed a guy on the side of the road selling ice creams, under the shade of one of the only trees lining the dirt road. He had a small knife and offered to open up our coconuts (but I saved mine for later!).

My coconut would become an important prop for the next few photos!

When it came time for me to open my coconut, there wasn’t anyone in sight! We walked around the temple complex and voilà, a lady selling coconuts! Piles and piles of coconuts, fresh ones, finished ones. we kindly asked if she could cut a hole into the coconut I was carrying – she said she would charge 5 rupees for the effort, fair enough. She cut it open and said “Don’t worry!” and let us have it for free, what a sweetheart. THEN, we wanted to eat the fleshy part of the fruit, and again we asked if she could cut it open – she kindly obliged and here is the result!

As we went around to all the monuments, we discovered a temple dedicated to something or someone called Ranga. Wow! To all the redheads out there, come to Hampi!

Here I am serving you fierce eyes and a deep stare.

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