Treat Yourself To A Day Spa In Nha Trang, Vietnam

Feeling stressed, exhausted, unmotivated? Treat yourself to a relaxing day at the wonderful iResort Day Spa in Nha Trang, Vietnam. There are three mud bath locations and iResort is by far the best and the most recently constructed. You can rest assured that the facilities are up-to-date and modern.

Skillfully handled each by a tiny Vietnamese lady, we were impressed with her strength and confidence.

It was by luck that we stumbled upon this place, like an oasis calling to us through ghostly tendrils of influence hanging in the ether. A mud bath was the perfect way to unwind and really give ourselves the chance to relax after a few days of busy travelling.

There are many options to choose from, but we decided on the most lux! A private bungalow, with personal masseuse, private mud bath, mineral bath and spa. Included too, was a plate of fresh exotic fruits (local variety) and lunch à-la-carte.

To kick off, we had full body massages. Skillfully handled each by a tiny Vietnamese lady, we were impressed with her strength and confidence. A few knots in my shoulders that had been bothering me were easily massaged away as if just lumps in a ball of soft clay.

Fruit and lunch was then served, the menu was huge and generous servings were provided. A lovely fruit shake accompanied the meal and really satisfied our hunger.

As we dined, the bath was being filled with silky, smooth mud – the kind you never played in as a child. Think of mud you would find in your garden and imagine it being processed in a blender to get the most creamy consistency – that was the mud we would bathe in.

Warm at first, and then indulgently pleasant to bathe in, the mud exfoliates and removes dead skin. You can feel immediate smoothness, its really lush.

After the recommended 30 minutes in the silky concoction we rinsed off and headed over to the mineral baths. A wow and gasp were all I could muster. Waterfalls and cascading bath terraces filled with mineral rich water, giving our bodies an invigorating refreshment it needed.

After four or five hours, we felt über relaxed, distressed and 100% motivated to resume our hectic journey.

1,000,000VND each (for two people in the private bungalow)
4hrs in the bungalow, free time in the public areas
To 19 – Xuan Ngoc – Vinh Ngoc – Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa

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