Stand In Awe Of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

I live in Sydney and the Sydney Opera House is a normal thing for me to see. I am accustomed to seeing it in the context of a theatre, rather than a tourist attraction. Of course, the design is beautiful and its an iconic landmark that is internationally recognised – but I just don’t get excited anymore.

In Singapore, simply walking under the enormous structure, I had to stand in awe of Marina Bay Sands. It is an engineering marvel. A colossus to behold. Its unique design, reminiscent of a surfboard or a boat – Singaporeans will argue to the death about this.

Take the train to Bayfront MRT Station (from anywhere in Singapore). You’ll exit directly beneath the hotel – just follow the signs to the lobby and there you’ll be inside the luxury of its five star decadence.

You may enjoy a cocktail at the Lounge on the ground floor – I tried a Bloody Mary with a local twist – the tabasco sauce is replaced with sambal! Its a fine drink with a fiery finish.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, it is free to access the Sky Park at the rooftop level of the hotel (usually S$20/pp). There are two bars: Cé la vi (owned and operated by Louis Vuitton) and Sky on 57. I haven’t yet been up there, but I daresay the prices would be as high as the view.

Want to see a chef literally pull noodles from a ball of dough?

In the shopping complex attached to the Marina Bay Sands hotel, there are high-end stores and food outlets. I was with my friend, Alvaro, we randomly walked into a restaurant for dinner. It turned out to be Din Tai Fung! You’ll see the chefs preparing the dumplings by hand, its all very systematic the way they do it.

Want to see a chef literally pull noodles from a ball of dough? Ok, you’re in the right spot, head to the foodcourt. You’ll see him. He’s pulling noodles from a ball of dough, quicker than you could even work out how he is doing it. I asked him if I could film him and he politely accepted – so for your viewing pleasure, please press play.

There’s an indoor canal or river, you could liken it to the waterways of Venice. Gondolas steered by gondoliers pass by regularly, you could take a ride, but it seems rather boring.

But do check out the Wishing Well. On the upper levels you see the well, beneath you see the convex shape of the bowl. Every hour, exactly on the hour, there is a water show lasting approximately 15 minutes.

If you go across to Gardens by the Bay, you can get a great view of the hotel from the OCBC Skywalk. It is quite close, less than 300 metres from the hotel.

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