Full Moon Living, Koh Lanta

How many clowns fit into a Mini Cooper? I googled the answer and got “26”. Sure, we didn’t have 26 people in a Mini Cooper, but we did have six + the driver in the tuk tuk. I think safe operating capacity would be driver + three (max)… The tuk tuk was front heavy and was nearly tipping ass over tit. Let’s just say it was a very looooong ride to the party on the quiet island of Koh Lanta.

We were not really sure where to go to party, but the tuk tuk driver did suggest Mushroom Bar. And yes, as its name suggests, they once served magic mushrooms – however, on the occasion of the Buddhist holiday the day before, the mushroom beverages seemed to have been scratched off the menu (thank god!).

I was a bit crook from the night before – rum on the beach and a guitar ended up being a fun night, but not a fun next morning. Beers do seem to do it for me, breathe life back into me that is. A German girl, Saskia, joined us for drinks – it was nice have new friends try and come into the little posse that we formed back on Phi Phi Island. But of course, the squad was on fleek!

A bit of fluorescent paint and black lights gave the bar a very party atmosphere. The music could have been pumping with all the people standing still and you would have still thought the party was bangin’! I painted cat whiskers and a nose onto my face, everyone else followed suit. Gosh, I am such a trend setter!

Claire was being all romantic, she bought a light-up rose for Gracie and then a wishing lantern for the rest of us. Down to the beach we went, onto the crunchy, coarse sand that tickled under your feet. There, the man lit up the lantern and we each held a corner. While the hot air was building up inside, we wished hard. I forgot to wish because I was concerned about getting burnt by the flame, which by now was getting pretty large. On the count of three, we released the lantern, along with it, our wishes.

For breakfast the next day, I brought fried chicken (street food style) to the girls’ bungalow. Aga ate it all up, an entire bucket to herself. 😛

A swim in the pool was the best way to cool off and let the ol’ liver have some down time. Pool swims are far better than beach swims –  the sea water warms up a lot and you might as well go and have a hot bath.

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