The Cottage In The Woods, By the Swollen River

After an arduous ascent to the apex of Mount Fuji, it was time to treat ourselves to the serenity of the forest.

Photo credit: Kam Liu

We took the bullet train (Shinkansen) and a few local trains to get to our destination, but the journey was definitely worth the effort.

On the first local bus, we could see Mount Fuji in all its splendour set against the green of the pastoral lands in the foreground and the clouds rising over the mountain.

Photo credit: Kam Liu

Ideally located beside a fast flowing river, we were right in the cradle of serenity. Probably the only guests to be staying on site at the time, we had the entire area available to us.

We found joy amongst the creepiness

Photo credit: Gary Wan

A quick trip up to the shops, we bought supplies for dinner and large watermelon – price, ¥1500. Yep!

Photo credit: Gary Wan

We played a spot of tennis until the sun went down. It was five against one. Mainly because Gary was the only one who could actually play tennis.

Photo credit: Kam Liu

The rest of us just smacked the ball back whenever we could.

Photo credit: Kam Liu

Adjacent to the tennis courts was a creepy children’s playground, with the feeling that it had been abandoned years and years ago. The play equipment was rusted, the grass had grown long and the concrete appeared to have eroded away over time – just adding to the creepiness.

Photo credit: Alice Chong

Nevertheless, we found joy amongst the creepiness. April jumped on the flying fox (zip line), as she rushed from one end to the other the whole thing seemed safe.

Photo credit: Kam Liu

Next, Gary’s turn. But being a tall guy, he ended up smacking his butt on the ground which he then dragged behind him as the zip line pulled him to the otherside. LOL

I cut up the watermelon, my fruit baby.

Back at the cottage in the woods, the accommodation was inviting, warm and homely. Made entirely of wood, the place had a soft and natural feeling. There were even beds to sleep on, rather than the typical tatami mats on the floor.

We all made dinner together – the boys cut the vegetables, the girls made tea and rice. I cut up the watermelon, my fruit baby.

We were give pyjamas that resembled asylum hospital gowns.

Pyjamas that resembled asylum hospital gowns were provided to us – we had some fun acting up the role of sanitarium patients.

Photo credit: Gary Wan

The river by the cottage became super swollen after the heavy rain that persisted through the night. We didn’t get photos of the fast moving water, but imagine extreme white water rapids.

Here’s how we got there:

Kawaguchi Station (local bus) > Shinfuji Station
2hrs 7mins

Shinfuji Station (Shinkansen bullet train) > Shizuoka Station (JR train) > Kaneya Station

Kaneya Station (heritage train, Oigawa line) > Senzu Station
1hr 15mins

Morino Country Cottage
428-0412 Shizuoka Prefecture Haibara-gun Kawanehon-cho Okuizumi 840-1


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