Jump On A Heritage Train In The Japanese Woods

Japan has some beautiful woods, peaceful and tranquil places amongst the green embrace of nature and the wild. A heritage train in the Japanese woods are preserved to carry passengers from Kaneya to Senzu along the Oigawa line.

Photo credit: Gary Wan

There are even some trains that are led by a Thomas the Tank Engine leading carriage. It makes for a very popular holiday destination for families with young children and you’ll likely see large groups of children at various stations along the Oigawa line.

The green appears to be overgrowing, as if no train had passed in years

We had some time to kill after checking out of our cottage by the river.

Photo credit: Gary Wan

But due to the rain, we couldn’t go to the rope suspension bridge (Bridge of Dreams), but here’s a great photo of what it would have looked like during better weather.

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On the train ride that took us further into the woods, we passed a massive dam, Nagashima Dam. Owing to the heavy downpour, the water came flooding out of one of the channels opened up at the base of the dam. There is nothing but awe to see such a large structure holding back the weight of a billion litres of water.

Photo credit: Gary Wan

We got off at Okuoikojo station, offering us a spectacular view down into the valley and across the red coloured train bridge.

Photo credit: Gary Wan

While the rain came down around us, we took in the sights from the shelter of a wooden mountain hut. Since there is only one train track, we waited for the train to return to the station so we could hop back on and go back to Senzu.

Photo credit: Gary Wan

There is a timeless feeling aboard the heritage train. It is like nature is reclaiming what’s hers, yet the built environment insists on existing. Here the green appears to be overgrowing, as if no train had passed in years – yet here we are, passing through.

Photo credit: Gary Wan

Photo credit: Gary Wan

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