Live a Life Asset Light

I have been living out of a backpack since January 2014.

Even being at home for Christmas, I had more clothes, more shoes, but for me it was a convenience of choice.

Ross and I had a conversation about music and film and how digitising the industry has been so revolutionary to our daily lives. The concept of ‘Asset Light Living,’ comes from the fact that media we consume today is no longer a physical burden to carry. It has advanced far beyond its physical and analogue forms, transcending the corporeal limits of the digital space.

Live a life asset light.

It was Mary Meeker, media analyst at Kleiner Perkins, who declared us the Asset Light Generation. She was describing the emerging technologies, rapidly advancing to become everything, everywhere, any time.

We can carry every album we ever bought in the palm of our hands. Movies can be streamed on demand, from anywhere on the planet with an internet connection. Entire newspapers and their back catalogues can be read in digital space.

This technological move has also seen a rise in the sharing economy. Where once we all wanted to own something as an individual, we are rapidly becoming far less dependent on ownership.

We don’t need to own anything to survive in this world.

It’s all about outsourcing where necessary. We don’t need to own anything to survive in this world. Stripped back to basic human needs: shelter, food, water, clothing – we don’t need very much to survive. But we choose to live comfortably and with choice.

I’ve applied this philosophy of living in other areas of daily life. I like to consider myself as a free and mobile being, able to act and react on a whim, be here, be there.

No assets tying me to a place. No excess baggage (pun intended).

There’s quite literally nothing in this life, that will come with me when I am gone from this world. So why should I spend my life fussing over temporary ownership?

The closer we are to objects and ownership, the further our proximity to humanness and sharing. The inward relationships with objects become the focus, rather than the outward relationships with people and the world.

I care less about what’s in my pockets, and more about what’s in my head.

What do you think?

4 Comments on Live a Life Asset Light

  1. Sean, I love your blog, but this post really got my heart. Like you I experienced the freedom of travelling light (except for that extra pair of red shoes!) A year living light out of a suitcase has transferred into my ‘real’ life where I am still simplifying and downsizing. The freedom of minimalist living cannot be understated!

    I miss you! Safe travels, and thank you for sharing and letting us live vicariously through your blog!

  2. Thank you Véronique, this is amazing to hear! I believe the world is moving to an asset light model (or it needs to do so) – you and I are in unique positions to inspire our peers to shed the weight of possessions and to live ‘freely.’ Live simply, my dear, and explore boldly.


  3. hi sean! This is the first blog that i read from you. You just said it straight. Care less about what’s in your pocket, but care most of what’s in your head. So brilliant. Happy to have met you in the Manila. God bless your Journey!

  4. It’s really a simple idea, but it can have a profound impact on our lives if taken seriously.

    It was really great to meet you in Manila and thank you for taking care of everything for David and the rest of the group! Sean 🙂

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