The Scam After-Thought

A scam isn’t always a scam, NO is always an option.

You might feel cheated, you might feel that someone else got it for a better price. But it’s always an after-thought. The shame of telling someone that you paid more for something is part of the scam.

Saying no can be difficult sometimes, particularly when you feel like you are physically cornered inside a shop and can’t leave. But saying no is always an option.

People know that they can make more money from a foreigner than from a local. Of course, it is logical. You bring money which is of higher value than the local currency – they know that you are likely carrying a whole bunch of money, or at least can afford to spend it.

In knowing this, local vendors tend to inflate their prices for non-locals. You don’t have to be a foreigner to expect inflated prices, even people from neighbouring regions within the same country might be given higher than usual rates!

It is prudent to remember that they are trying to sell you something so that they can afford to live. Your money is their income. They might be supporting an entire family including the extended relatives. You don’t know, nor would you appreciate the fact. How could you?

Its not to ‘scam’ you that the prices are inflated. Its to survive just a little longer. Its the possibility that perhaps they don’t need to skip meals this week.

If you can respect that they are simply trying to make a living, then you will be able to easily shrug off hustlers. Even if you walk down a narrow alleyway and are hustled by 10 or 20 vendors, you will be able to see them in a different way and appreciate that YOU DON’T HAVE TO HUSTLE LIKE THEY DO.

So, next time you feel like you were ‘cheated’ have a long think about why you agreed to the price in the first place.. Perhaps, deep down you know that you were allowing them a full meal for that day. Perhaps, you are really just a human being inside.

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