My Camino de Santiago Packing List

Starting from Saint Jean Pied de Port, we embarked on a 27 day journey, taking us over the Pyrenees from the French side into Spain and across to the west coast, ending at Santiago de Compostela. This is my Camino de Santiago packing list.

Of course, like any hike, it was my ultimate goal to pack super light as I would be carrying the backpack for more than six hours per day, everyday. But to ensure I had all the things I needed was also a challenge. I managed to keep the whole pack under 6kg, including the weight of the backpack itself.

We did our Camino during July/August, so the weather was very hot – at times unbearably hot in the desert. The evenings were cool, but not cold. Some mornings were cold on top of mountains, but I didn’t need any warm clothing for long periods of time.

I had a 35L backpack that didn’t have the waist belt. I would highly recommend a backpack with the waist belt to help evenly distribute the weight on your back – I struggled most days, practically hunching over just to keep moving forward.

The Basics
Two technical hiking shirts (alternated each day)
A pair of running shorts
Several pairs of underwear (avoid cotton if possible)
A pair of satin boxers (for sleeping)
A singlet (for sleeping)
Several pairs of liner socks
A pair of hiking socks

Warm Clothes
Waterproof windcheater
A rain poncho (heavy duty)

The Footwear
Hiking boots
A pair of thongs (flip-flops)

The Accessories

The Personals
Two travel towels
A first aid kit
A toiletries kit
A laundry kit

The Equipment
Spare laces for boots
Sleeping bag (compact, under 1kg)
Hiking pole
A manual hand-pump torch
1L Water bottle
35L backpack (total packed weight under 6kg)


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