The French Riviera and a visit to Monaco

After a bit of partying in Lisboa, Portugal we stopped overnight in Madrid. This stop was a bit of a write-off, since we basically got drunk and spent the entire next day recovering (at a bar, no less!).

The next bus we would catch would involve a 20h schedule with a change over in Bilbao. The bus ride was not as unbearable as I would have thought, although I picked a seat with a broken tray-table that would stay up!

Coming into Côte d’Azur, we arrived into Nice at a good hour in the afternoon. We sought out a hostel under the name, Hostel Smith, which turned out to be the WORST hostel I have EVER stayed in. 30€ got me a dorm full of partying assholes, inconsiderate love makers and an awful stench in the room. Thanks for nothing!

The boys and I spent that evening in Monaco. We caught the train over and it cost us next to nothing. With my Carte Jeune, I travelled for 3€40, the boys travelled for 6€80 return.

I got dressed up the best I could with what little amount of clothes I had with me, particularly having been on Camino for so long.

The Casino Monte Carlo was our target, we would head in and have a bit of a snoop around. The concierge asked us to see the ‘ticketing’ booth and the lady there asked us to pay 10€ to enter the casino. We thought better of it and instead settled for this (really nice!) photo in front.

Having been here before with my Contiki crew, I knew a few places to live it up a little. Buddha Bar was but a stone’s throw from Casino Monte Carlo so we headed there for a drink. I got a tasty little cocktail called Oh My Dog.

To top off the night, we headed into Sun Casino (free entry) for a bit of a flutter. I put 5€ into a poker machine and pulled out 0€40. The machine printed me a ticket and I had to go to the Cashier to redeem my 40 cents. How embarrassing!

Finally, Aaron noticed red and white markings on the road. He knew immediately that it was part of the track for the car race, of which I have already forgotten the name. Here he is standing at one of the incredibly sharp and difficult turns of the track.

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