Arugam Bay, (Dog Poo) Beach of Sri Lanka

I made a huge effort to go to Arugam Bay. I even skipped a night’s sleep to climb Adam’s Peak so I could save a day of travel to reach the East Coast of Sri Lanka

The journey was tough, but exciting – we saw a wild elephant amongst a pack of wild buffalos! You can barely see in this photo, but he’s there! Bit sad though, usually they are not solitary creatures, so this one must have been abandoned by his family. 🙁

Upon arriving into Arugam Bay, we were delighted to find that the accommodation prices were more than reasonable – some might even say it was cheap! We found a beach front hotel with a private double-room for 700LKR per night. Split the cost between two and you’re laughing!

Equipped with a hammock, I really made myself at home at this place. It was low season, so there weren’t any other guests at all, so it was basically ours for the night.

The stench of animal excrement tickled our noses

We took a stroll on the beach. With the first step, we could feel the dirt rubbing against the soles of our feet. The stench of animal excrement tickled our noses and we could see how much of the stuff had been churned into the sand from a hundred thousand footsteps of those before us.

Nevertheless, we thought to give the beach a chance and continue walking until the sand cleared up. Five kilometres later, the sand did clear up, but we were so far from civilisation it was just not practical – albeit the idea of a private beach was pretty enticing for me.

As a treat to ourselves, we had a seafood dinner – King Prawns, Lobster, Seer Fish and Chips – all cooked with a Chilli, Garlic and Lime sauce. Amazing!

Either we were not actually in Arugam Bay proper, or it was really just a dog poo beach. Glad I went there and glad I got out.

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