Walk Through The Mouth Of A Lion On A Moutaintop Palace

The original entrance to the palace (about three quarters up the rock) was once guarded by an enormous lion, carved from the rock itself. Here I am standing between the original paws – but you can get a good idea of the immensity that was stood. To climb the stairs, the original sculputure would have had the full head and mane of the beast. You would have to walk through the mouth of a lion to reach the mountaintop palace.

The feeling to be jumping so high was truly exhilarating.

At the top, we were rewarded by spectacular views of the plains below and beyond.

Only the foundations and outlines of the palace and its rooms remain – many of the pits left behind have filled with water. I threw a coin from above and it didn’t quite reach the pool – I had to climb down and fetch it so my wish could come true.

We had the pleasure of having these two monkeys as company. One was more interested in his feet while the other just had weird blue nipples.

Around 4PM, the sun began its descent behind the Earth and by 6PM the sunburst into dancing licks of fire as it broke the horizon. Here are some shots against the rock.


The highest point of the rock is marked by a small stone – I took a jump photo from here. The feeling to be jumping so high was truly exhilarating.

Then it was back down the mountain for us. Poor doggie, I think she was stuck at the top. 🙁

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