Back To Tokyo Via Shinkansen Bullet Train

The super fast trains are a great way to move around Japan. If you do plan to travel around a bit or a lot, it might be worth looking into a JR Pass – but this can only be purchased outside of Japan (before you arrive).

At full speed the Shinkansen was travelling at 300-350km/hour.

The train pictured below is a regular speed, JR train.

Photo credit: Gary Wan

From the woods, we traveled back to Tokyo via several trains – the longest leg of the journey was by Shinkansen (bullet train).

Photo credit: Gary Wan

Senzu Station > Kaneya Station (heritage train)
1hr 36mins

Kaneya Station (JR train) > Shizuoka Station (Shinkansen bullet train) > Tokyo (Shinjuku Station)
2hr 10mins


At Kaneya, there’s probably a wait for the train – you have time to check out a really nice tea house up the road. It’s called Ishidatamichaya, there you will find the richest, most delicious matcha cake!

Photo credit: Gary Wan

If you plan it right, you might even have some time to walk up to the ruins of an old castle at the top of the hill near the tea house. We walked halfway up the path and decided instead to head back to the station so we weren’t sweating balls by the time we got back, ha!

Photo credit: Gary Wan

On the bullet train, there are tray tables – bring a bento box on board and eat your lunch on your way home!

Here’s a photo of my lunch travelling at speed. LOL


At full speed this particular Shinkansen was travelling at 300-350km/hour. I was nauseated from the speed and looking out the window didn’t help. But I guess most people won’t get motion sickness from the high speed train, but for me it was like an airplane on the ground…

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