Lots Of Lizards Lurking In Lumphini Park

Giant lizards are living wild and free in the middle of Bangkok city. There’s a park where humans and lizards live together in harmony. Its quite possible to sun bathe next to a two-metre long monitor lizard and feel completely normal.

Here! Say it aloud! Here! Here! He-here!

Monitor lizards in Lumphini Park are docile and friendly, so long as you don’t intentionally aggravate them or try to steal their eggs!

A curious turtle…

The park is green, full of trees and a nice lake – maintained beautifully! I suppose the main source of food for the lizards are the fish that seem to just float in one spot of the lake. They are so still, even I could catch one by hand. No wonder the lizard-folk are so big and healthy…

Here! Say it aloud! Here! Here! He-here!

Ok, now stop shouting for a moment and let me tell you that you’ve just been swearing in Thai. Its kinda like Bitch or Idiot, mildly profane, but potentially quite offensive.

Here is the thai word for monitor lizard AND for bitch. Go figure! The more you know…

More about the park – there is an open-air gym with equipment. Muscled men seem to spend a lot of time here, pumping iron and showing off their slicked, sweaty bodies. I don’t know what the fuss is all about!?

Families also have picnics here, amongst the hordes of here.

Ok, let’s try this for a sec: I am here with all the here. Hahaha, I am so funny!

Lumphini Park

Take the MRT to Lumphini and walk 5 minutes to the shiny brass gates.
Free to enter

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