Koh Kood, Where The Island Is All Yours

During the months of May – July, the island of Koh Kood can be the ideal place for personal reflection and quiet time. If you’re travelling alone, you will appreciate the remoteness and yet still have connectedness within your grasp, its where the island is all yours.

Reflect on life as it is at the current moment. Ponder on your existence.

Here’s a blog post I wrote about how to get to the island, its very easy and even on a budget the costs are agreeable : How To Get To Koh Kood Island, Thailand.

On arriving, you will notice the weather is already very different to that of the mainland. In fact, you could say the island has its own weather system. Sun shining down through the frond of the palm trees above, make for a very exotic entrance to this lush, green jungle.

Being surrounded by the sea, of course you would assume seafood to be a very important part of the local fare. Naturally, fish and dried seafood wares are abound at the docks, feel free to sample these salty delights.

Most of the resorts will have its own private beach, as well as its own private jetty. Servicing travelers who wish to venture out by boat, these jetties are the perfect way to get away to other islands nearby: Koh Chang, etc.

One of the days I was there, it rained like a bitch. During the monsoon season, this is fairly normal. You can still make most of the day by taking an umbrella for a stroll along the beach – but I took a car up to the waterfall instead.

While it was raining, the waterfall was being fed by even more water than usual. This made for a beautiful scene at the top of the mountain where people usually also enjoy a dip in the pool beneath the falls.

Down at the head of the stream, many balancing rocks are arranged. Here you can admire the contrast between the rushing torrents of the falls above and the serenity and harmony of stillness at the bottom.

If you can get around the island by yourself, its great to try out the local restaurants. Not only are the food prices much cheaper than at the resort, you’ll get an authentic home cooked meal with fairly generous serving sizes!

I mentioned time for personal reflection on the island. A hammock was strung up in front of my bungalow and this was the perfect spot for me to reflect on life for a while. Gently swinging in the breeze and lying on your back in the comfort of a hammock does so many wonderful things for your physical well-being as well as you spiritual well-being.

Take time to write in your journal. Write a letter to your future self about the things you plan to do. Reflect on life as it is at the current moment. Ponder on your existence.


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  1. This is a cool place to go!!! But i do not have enough time to go there. Maybe next time i come back to Thailan, i will try to gog there.

  2. It’s really nice, hopefully you can go there next time. 🙂

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