Ancient City, Bangkok : You Can See The Whole Country In One Day

Nope, it’s not a lie or an exaggeration. At Ancient City, Bangkok, you can see the whole country in a day – reconstructions of all the major temples and palaces from the entire nation are displayed here and very well-maintained. It’s a theme park just outside of metropolitan Bangkok, past the terminus BTS Station at Bearing.

The park is huge, but there are signs to point you in a logical direction so you don’t have to double-back or miss anything.

If you don’t have time to travel around Thailand, then this is your best option to see everything. What’s more, you can take your time to explore the theme park on a bicycle!

Each region of Thailand has its own style, you can see traditional village houses and huts from each place, complete with furniture and gardens.

The Grand Palace in Bangkok city is also reconstructed here, and beautifully kept. Though, obviously not as grand in size, it does stay true to most other details.

All temples reconstructed in the park are used actively and Buddhist monks regularly pass by to chant prayers and meditate – you may see them on your visit.

I recommend two to three hours in the park – you’ll have use of the bicycle for free. There is an electric tram that can take you around the park – but that is timed and its stops are limited, potentially increasing the need to walk – in the heat, you probably want to walk as little as possible.

750 baht
9AM – 7PM

Ancient City
296/1 Sukhumvit Road, Bangpoo,
Samut Prakan 10280
Take BTS Train to the end of the Sukhumvit line, get off at Bearing. Take a cab from the BTS to Ancient City : 100 baht.


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